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 In July 2009, Vice Premier Li Keqiang, as Chahai installed wind power company, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation,
general manager Li Chang Yin, assistant general manager of Young in this new report to the Vice Premier Li Keqiang company situation

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), is a large state owned enterprise, specialized in the field of design, manufacturing and repair of ship, offshore project and other large-mass equipment. Leading the shipbuilding industry and equipment manufacturing industry, CSIC is capable of researching, manufacturing and serving well, with product sold abroad. Its annual income reaches 100 billion RMB, ranks as one of leading 100 enterprises of China.

Till now, CSIC has formed the professional manufacturing capability of ship, motor, instrument, electrics, computer control and other basic components as well as the manufacturing capability of wind power industry chain. As great advantages in this industry, all components for our WECS (wind energy converter system) are able to supply through branches of CSIC.

CSIC (Chongqing) Haizhuang Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is an advanced technological industrial company specialized in the development and manufacturing of large wind power equipment and related main components. It was established by integration of CSIC's affiliated companies and research institutes.

By integration, the company has the world-advanced technologies in the field of system integration, gearbox, medium-sized generator, computer control, steel structure, large casting and forging, hydraulic system etc, which forms its special advantages in market competition. Furthermore, not only sharing talented personnel within CSIC group, but also actively cooperating with domestic universities, academies and institutes, the company takes all advantages inside and outside CSIC group, makes all its effort to develop Chinese brand wind power equipment with independent intellectual property.